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We are a full-service residential home inspection company.  If you need it inspected, we can get it done.


Our Home Inspection

All home inspections are performed according to the ASHI standards of practice.

  • Exterior
    • Inspection includes siding, trim, windows, doors, grounds, decks, porches and walkways.
  • Roofing
    • Any roof that it is safe will be inspected on foot.  Reporting will include an estimated age, life span and condition.  Inspection also includes the chimney, flashing, gutters and down spouts.
  • Interior
    • Every door and window will be tested, and all the walls examined.  Inspection includes the fireplace and related components.
  • Plumbing
    • Report includes the type of plumbing in the home.  Attempts are made to investigate all visible pipes and drain lines.  Evaluation of the water heater, dishwasher, garbage disposal, toilets, sinks and valves is also performed. 
  • Electrical
    • Determination of the type of wiring and size of the service. Opening the main panel and evaluation of the connections and condition is performed.  A check is done on a representative number of outlets and switches throughout the home.
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
    • Inspection includes determining the type of heating and air conditioning systems, running the heater and examining its function.  Testing the air conditioning and examining the filter is also included.
  • Structural
    • Inspection is of the foundation and framing.  Look for any cracking and settlement.  If the house has a crawl space, it will be entered and inspected if possible, looking for signs of water penetration or flooding.  In the attic, framing and condition will be reviewed.

Other Services

Other inspections are available through DelValley Home Inspections, LLC.  Termite, Septic, and Environmental inspections are subcontracted to experts and professionals in their fields.  DelValley Home Inspections, LLC has a strong working relationship with a carefully selected number of professionals who provide these services.  This insures that you will get the best inspection possible.
Radon testing inspections are done in house using the Radalink radon monitor system, the most reliable radon detection and reporting system.
Radon Mitigation systems are also installed in house. Should your radon test come back high, DelValley Home Insections LLC can install A mitigation system to reduce the radon to a safe level.
When you schedule the inspection for your new home, just be sure to tell us which inspections you need, and we schedule the rest. Each additional inspection has a separate cost.

The Inspection Report

Our inspection report is computer generated and printed on site.  Color photos are taken of any defect or other problem and added to the report.  The photos print with corresponding comments and help you to better understand the condition.

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